Recommended Test Dates


Since most colleges and universities combine the highest scores taken from the SAT, up to three testing dates may be recommended. Students usually take the SAT beginning in January—twice in the junior year and, if needed, once in the fall of the senior year.


Some students may fare better on the ACT than the SAT, so we recommend a student take it at least once. Most colleges do not mix and match scores from the ACT; they use the Composite score. A student should plan on taking the ACT in the spring of the junior year and perhaps again in the fall of the senior year.

SAT II (Subject Tests)

Students need to be aware of whether or not the college or university REQUIRES or RECOMMENDS taking SAT II tests. A college may suggest two SAT IIs, one in math and another in the subject of the student’s choice. More of the highly selective colleges and universities will suggest that students submit SAT II scores as part of their application.

SAT IIs should be taken in spring of the junior year. However, if a student is taking a particular SAT II subject during their sophomore year, they should consider taking that associated SAT II test at the end of that same year.

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